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The outbreak of COVID-19 had started from December 2019. The whole World had gone through such a drastic situation that no one had faced before during the past years. There are some people, who always had realization that my work is beyond sacrifice, and they are our wealth.

" ആതുരം " (Aathuram) & " അകലം " (Akalam) are Malayalam Short Film's which narrates the story of nurses who are doing their duty during the pandemic, COVID-19. And it's a tribute to the whole nursing society.

Potrayed by Gavin Vidhyadharan and produced by Binesh Kizhoor & Shaju Pazjani under Lookads Films.

YouTube Link : ആതുരം (Aathuram)

YouTube Link : അകലം (Akalam)

"Kunnamkulam With Lots of Nanma" is a musical album, which was created by the concept and initative of Mr.Labeeb Hassan, who is a popular face to the people of Kunnamkulam . This musical album narrates and visaulizes the history of Kunnamkulam.

Traditionally it is believed that a cross was installed by Thomas the Apostle, at Chattukulangara (a part of Arthat in Kunnamkulam). During the invasion of Tippu Sultan, the Christians from Chattakulangara migrated to Kunnamkulam town.Kunnamkulam Municipal area was the headquarters of Talappilly taluk up to AD1860.

The musical album was directed by Gavin Vidhyadharan. Lookads were also a part of the musical album by Cinematography. Lyrics for the album was done by Mr. Arshad K Rahim and music was given by Mr.Shafeek Marakkar and Mr.Riyaz. This song was beautifully sung by Mr. Jojo Mani and Mr. Vinod Nalmbalath.

YouTube Link for the Musical Album : Kunnamkulam with Lots of Nanma

"Sameera" is a short film which is based on the story of a young woman who was a great fan and admirer of the celebrated author Madahavikutty. "Sameera" is a women centric storty who lives her life in the world of literature.

Kamala Surayya (born Kamala; 31 March 1934 – 31 May 2009), popularly known by her one-time pen name Madhavikutty and married name Kamala Das, was an Indian English poet as well as a leading Malayalam author from Kerala, India.

The short film was directed by Gavin Vidhyadharan. Lookads were also a part of the musical album by Cinematography. Script was written by Babu Vylathur who is a famous Script Writer in Malayalam Film Industry and who is a State Award Winner for "Best Drama Script Writer". And this short film was an initative by a friends circle of Kunnamkulam area.

"Sameera" won two awards in a Short Film Festival conducted by KuFiSo(Kunnamkulam Film Society), The award for Best Actress and Best Script.

YouTube Link for the Short Film : Sameera